Big Storm Brewing
March 24, 2016

Big Storm Brewing

The project for Big Storm Brewing Co., was to design, manufacture, and install a custom pylon to resemble a New England style lighthouse amidst a brewing storm. 

The cabinet, resembling the lighthouse, is round aluminum with a base width of 8’ tapering to 4’ and an overall height of 25’. PC railing and lighted windows were added design elements.  The “BIG STORM BREWING CO” graphics are a double-faced, pan formed, embossed sign face.  The “brewing storm” was depicted by 2 channel letter face-lit LED lightning bolts, 18″ X 48″.  And to grab the center attraction, a beautiful 5’ x 10’ double-faced electronic display by OPTEC with 10MM, RGB full motion video board was added.  The electronic display will feature all the benefits within (especially their craft beers) to wait-out any storm. 

The foundation was 3’ x 12’ deep, auger foundation with rebar, and included base plates and anchor bolts. There may be a “Big Storm Brewing”, but this lighthouse is not going anywhere, to withstand any storm the structure was engineered to 165 miles per hour windload. 

Video: WhiteLine Creative


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